Jason Gillman For East Bay Township Supervisor

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Different layers of government have different effects on our lives.  For most people there can be no bigger impact on their daily lives than that of township or local municipal government. 

The township can tax you, penalize you, work with other agencies to get your roads fixed, or manage your water, sewer and other infrastructure considerations.  It can tell you how many people you can put in your buildings, regulate your septic if you have no sewer, and create untold issues for people who simply want to live their lives without additional complications!

Call me selfish, but I want to live without too many complications as well.  Unfortunately, one must stand up to those who, for all the right reasons, can drive us insane with regulation and limits upon their private property that is both unjust and unwarranted.

I am like you if you value private property rights.

I am like you if you want to pay the lowest possible tax rates for good township government.

I am like you if you wonder why zoning ordinances always grow and never shrink, and are now 10 times the size they were 40 years ago.

Frankly, I am just like so many of you who want solid natural growth in our township without the headaches of worrying if you can put a shed up or put a patio in with the township flying a spy drone over your home to see what you are doing. 

Yes sadly, that last part was no joke.

Please keep an eye out here for more information, or give me a call on my home number (in the phone book for 30 years) if you have any questions, would support a sign in your yard, or would like to help with the campaign going forward.

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